Clubs could lose an interchange under RFL’s revised 21-man squad proposals

The RFL has outlined proposals to introduce 21-man squads in 2020 as part of a major overhaul of the game’s squad list procedures.

Clubs were informed last week of plans drawn up by the laws committee last month.

As part of the proposals, clubs will lose an interchange if they draft in a player from outside their 21-man squad for that match.

The idea has been drawn up in attempt to stop clubs selecting players who weren’t initially named in their 19-man squads.

Stakeholders within the game have been vocal about the issue, which has essentially made the initial 19-man squad announcement irrelevant, given that changes can still be made in the time between naming their squad and the kick-off.

Under the proposals, clubs will now name an extra two players to give more leeway should a player become unavailable after being selected. But they will not be able to make changes thereafter other than in special circumstances.

Clubs have yet to give their approval and it is due to be discussed in the coming weeks.

If passed, it will be implemented in all three professional leagues.