Covid-19 forces Leeds star to postpone his wedding

Rhyse Martin has had to cancel his wedding as a result of Covid-19.

The Leeds forward was due to get married to his fiancée, Vanessa, in Australia on October 31st, but with the season set to extend beyond that date, and international travel restrictions also up in the air, they have been forced to put the ceremony on hold.

“When the season goes back it’s going to run until November or December, and maybe even later, so it was too hard for us to get a definite answer,” Martin said.

“We looked at changing the date to January 2021, but because other people have had their weddings cancelled too, all of those spots got locked up quick, so we ended up pulling the pin on it.

“Australia has put a stop on international travel at this stage and we don’t know when they’ll go back to normal. And you’ve got to go into isolation when you go to Australia, so with all those little things we had no real choice.

“Vanessa still gets upset about it some days, but on other days she’s good. We’re going to get married here and when we get a chance to go home, we’ll have something at home.

“We don’t even know where we’ll do it yet; we’ll just go get married whenever we get a chance and when we have a chance to go home, we’ll have a get-together and a big party. That’s what I’m looking forward to.

“But we’ve said let’s just save and buy a house and a property with the wedding being off.

“When we booked the date, you’d never think of something like this would happen; it’s stupid really.”

In other news, Martin has admitted he has no idea about the status of the Papua New Guinea passport he has applied for.

The Rhinos have been waiting for around six months for Martin to receive the passport, which would take him off the overseas quota under the Kolpak rule, meaning the club could land another foreign recruit.

But as it stands there has still been no update, with Martin revealing that former Leeds winger Marcus Bai is trying to help to speed up the process.

“I honestly haven’t spoken to anyone about it,” he said.

“I think Kev (Sinfield), is the main one; he’s been in touch with Marcus Bai a fair bit about it, but I haven’t heard much since. I don’t even know if it’s going to happen. If Kev sorts it, he’s a magician. It’s pretty ridiculous that it’s taken so long.

“Marcus is living in PNG at the moment and I left all the paperwork in PNG with him. I think he knows the Prime Minister or someone in a political position. But I’ve been told to focus on footy rather than that.”