Crosby reveals he’s been nursing injury for 18 months

Wigan Warriors forward Dom Crosby has admitted he’s eagerly awaiting his return to action – after admitting he’s been nursing a hip injury for 18 months.

Crosby has undergone surgery to correct the issue, and is scheduled to return to action around the March period, meaning he will miss the first few weeks of the new season.

But the towering prop told that he knows he’s not yet reached his potential – but says that now the problem with his hip is well on the way to being resolved, he sees a bright future ahead.

“I’ve had this injury for 18 months or so, and I know I’m not been playing to my full potential,” the 25-year-old s.aid

“It held me back. It’s not an excuse, but now it’s settled, I can give a lot more.

“Plus, I’m coming to the age where I need to start doing something extra.”