Cunningham hits out at video referee calls as Saints’ season ends

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham lashed out at the video refereeing calls which went against his side during Thursday’s play-off defeat to Warrington.

The Saints’ season was brought to an end courtesy of an 18-10 defeat to Warrington, in which they believed a number of calls went against them.

They were aggrieved by the try awarded to Warrington winger Tom Lineham – as well as a call concerning St Helens centre Dominique Peyroux, who looked to have grounded the ball before the video referee ruled the try out.

And Cunningham was unimpressed post-match.

“You just need that little bit of luck with those calls and they didn’t go our way,” he said.

“They were game changing calls and this consistently happens every single week when you look at video refereeing decisions.

“My boys have busted their backsides since November to get treated in the manner that they’re treated and nothing happens.”

“We fought hard and played some real good semi-final football. We all say it’s a game of inches and it certainly was today.”

However, Cunningham refused to take credit away from the Wolves, who reached the Grand Final for the first time in three years courtesy of victory.

“But saying all this stuff about calls I don’t want to detract from Warrington and have people think I’m whinging about bad decisions but I’m just stating the obvious,” he said.

“Warrington were great tonight.”