Cunningham urges critics not to write Saints off

St Helens coach Keiron Cunningham has insisted there is plenty of legs left in the season and, despite a fourth straight defeat in all competitions, his side shouldn’t be written off yet.

The Saints are still in the top four after their 28-22 loss to Huddersfield on Thursday night, but should Castleford win at Catalans on Saturday, they would draw level with the defending champions.

But Cunningham revealed he was pleased with the response from his side after defeat to Hull last week, and hinted that they shouldn’t be wrote off yet.

“It’s a result-based industry and we need to pick some points up but I thought the response was pretty good,” he said.

“If anything, the effort across the board was too good because they tried to force things instead of being patient and trying to build pressure.

“Huddersfield are a good side and it was a typical Saints-Huddersfield game which went down to the wire. They took their chances better than we did.

“It was a hell of a lot better than the Hull game. There were some really good efforts out there. We played a little bit anxious because we’ve lost a few games at an important time but I’m happy with the response.

“The season is a long way from being over. We’ve got to make the top four and we’ll have a crack at it.”