Czechs Prepare for Norwegian Test

Nordic Cup winners, Norway will travel to the Czech Republic later this month, for an international fixture to be held at the RLC Dragons’ Krupka Stadium on the 24th September. Kick-off time will be 4pm. The two countries last met in Oslo, three years ago, as part of the European Bowl series, with the Norwegians winning 26-14.

“We are very happy to take up every opportunity to play an international game,” said CZRLA president Jaroslav Bzoch. “It helps us to promote our sport here in the Czech Republic. We also want to take this opportunity to test our young and new players before our rematch against Ukraine, in October. We have every respect for the Norwegians and what they have already achieved this year.”

Norwegian team manager, Anne Haigh commented: “After couple of years playing only against Denmark and Sweden, in the Nordic Cup, we feel this match will be a significant test for us, and step up in our assessment of how we are progressing.”