D-Day for Super League looms

Tuesday promises to be a sizeable day for the future of Super League: as a number of key decisions are up for discussion at a meeting of top-flight clubs, including a possible decision on Toronto Wolfpack’s future.

League Express understands that there is a growing likelihood the Wolfpack will be re-admitted into the competition in 2021, after pulling out of this year’s campaign because of financial issues.

The Wolfpack, led by Bob Hunter, will make their case for re-inclusion on Tuesday and appeal to clubs they are worthy of a place in Super League as a takeover of the club closes in on completion.

One chief executive told League Express: “They’re due to speak to us all on Tuesday, and we’ll probably find out then or shortly after whether they’re coming back in. If they do a good job of their presentation and make their case well, I’d suggest they have a great chance.”

Hull Kingston Rovers coach Tony Smith suggested last week that Toronto were set to be re-admitted, but no such decision has yet been made.

League Express has also been told that testing for the Covid-19 virus will again be discussed, with the possibility of moving the routine round of testing to later in the week. But the majority of clubs are still in favour of testing at the start of the week.

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