Daryl Powell hit with RFL compliance letter

Castleford Tigers head coach Daryl Powell has received a compliance letter from the RFL following his comments about match officials.

Powell described the referees as ‘terribly poor’ following his side’s defeat to Huddersfield and said they must improve.

That has resulted in the governing body asking him to explain his comments, something the Tigers coach intends to do.

“I’ve received a notice from the RFL about those comments,” he revealed.

“I don’t think I was bad towards any particular referee I just spoke about them improving. I’ve got to answer those views.

“Everybody should want to improve and you can’t hide behind anything. I can’t hide as a coach, I want to improve every week, the players are and that was my main point really, we’re all looking to get better in Rugby league, you still should be judged on what you do every week and not everybody is unfortunately.

“I’ll be answering those (questions). I don’t think I ever bring the game into disrepute. I shouldn’t have walked on the field a couple of years back, but I’ve always done everything to help the sport of rugby league and I’m offended whoever it is who thinks I don’t.”