David Fifita is going nowhere, insists Chris Chester amidst Warrington speculation

Chris Chester has laughed off speculation that star forward David Fifita is set for a switch to Super League rivals Warrington.

Rumours had suggested that the Wolves had made a play for Fifita’s services, something Chester was quick to deny at his weekly press conference on Thursday afternoon.

He insists they have had no contact from Warrington or any other club – and even if they do, Fifita is going nowhere.

“I’ve not had one phone-call,” he said.

“It’s flabbergasting; it boggles my mind when rumours like this come out. We’ve not had anything from any club and that’s being serious. I’ve not had a call from any coach – and why would we let David Fifita go? He’s one of our best players, if not one of our most important players in the squad.

“Results have proven that this year. When he got injured early on, we went on a losing streak and when he came back we started winning. He knows how important he is to us and I’ve got a fantastic relationship with Dave and he’s just as bemused by it as what I am.

“I must have been stopped in Asda about a dozen times yesterday by certain Wakefield fans asking what was going on, why we were letting Dave go and why we’ve got no ambition! The message to them is clear: Dave Fifita is going nowhere.”

Furthermore, Chester has reiterated that Wakefield would ideally like to see Fifita remain with Trinity beyond the length of his current contract with the club – which still has another two seasons left to run.

He said: “He’s a Wakefield player for a minimum of two years – that’s how long his contract has got left to run – and Michael (Carter, chairman) wants him for the remainder of his deal and longer. We can certainly put that rumour to bed here and now.”