Davy to negotiate with RFL on support for non-Super League clubs

Super League Executive Chairman Ken Davy says he is ready to negotiate with the RFL in order to agree some financial support for the game outside Super League, after this week’s announcement that Super League has agreed a new broadcasting deal with Sky Sports that covers the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

And Davy is also looking to begin discussions with the RFL for a closer realignment with the game’s governing body.

“I’m looking forward to meeting with the RFL and sorting out a mutually satisfactory arrangement,” Davy told a media conference today.

“The view of all the Super League clubs is that we are at the top of the pyramid and it doesn’t amount to much if you take away what’s beneath it.”

But Davy wouldn’t reveal what proportion of the reported £25 million settlement with Sky he would be prepared to concede to the RFL.

He does, however, appear determined to re-structure Super League so that it has a more suitable relationship with the governing body.

“I said at the last conference that I had been elected on a platform of realignment with the RFL to work out a stronger partnership with the RFL. There is more to be gained by the whole of Rugby League being realigned, although that can mean different things to different people.”

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