DEBATE: McNamara – should he stay or should he go?

A decision on Steve McNamara’s future is, as understands, now not expected to be made until the early part of next year.

That means the debate over whether he should be given a new contract will run and run – and we love a debate.

We’ve taken our team to task on whether McNamara is still the right man for the job, with compelling arguments (or so we think) both ways to decide on whether England should stick with the 44-year-old, or opt for something new.

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McNamara should stay
Steve’s record is indeed underwhelming, despite the recent series victory. However, there are signs of improvement; the professionalism around the setup has significantly improved and the players are clearly content and happy with his management. There is a strong squad assembled full of talented players, with plenty of potential still in there too.

Whilst McNamara’s style can be quite tough to watch on occasions, it is effective and therefore a necessity when playing against the world’s best teams.

He’s not perfect, but he’s built the infrastructure and deserves the time to take the team to new heights.

Time for a change
England face arguably the biggest two years in their history as an international side after the series victory against New Zealand. With a dismal Rugby World Cup handing Rugby League a chance of sorts to pounce on, success for England is imperative. McNamara has done a good job of building a strong England, but the team now needs to hit new heights.

With a Four Nations in 2016 and a World Cup 12 months later, England have to ensure they get the appointment spot on. There are an overwhelming number of candidates, with a leading trio of Brian McDermott, Shaun Wane and Daryl Powell at the top of the list.

One series victory in six years hardly makes for a conclusive case for an extension. Perhaps England should be best suited to a fresh approach and a new dynamic ahead of such a vital period for the sport in this country.