Debate: Should Super League introduce bonus points?

Perhaps the biggest talking point to emerge from last week’s meeting to announce the resturucturing of Rugby League was the suggestion that Super League could introduce a bonus points system for 2015 and beyond. With both Super League and the Championships having to operate under the same system, there is a serious possibility that the top division could bring in losing bonus points – just as the Championship has had for the last few years.

There has been heated debate all across the Rugby League land regarding whether it would be a good idea to bring in the bonus points system, with some coaches already vocally against the idea. However, there are clearly pros and cons to the idea, so our team have debated all week whether it would be wise to roll out bonus points in the top division from next year. We’re providing an argument from each side now to help you decide whether it’s a good idea – if you have an opinion on the matter, leave your comments or get in touch via Twitter! We’ll publish your replies right here!

YES, Super League should introduce bonus points
With the RFL rolling out their buzz phrase that ‘Every Minute Matters’, it seems that the only way to maintain that attitude is to introduce something like a bonus points system. It’s hardly radical; anyone who watches the Championship will tell you that although it has its flaws, there are huge positives to the concept. For starters, teams will have a lot more to play for across a full 80 minutes, rather than giving up the ghost when they cannot win the game. If a side falls 20-0 behind at half-time in a game, there is still a massive incentive for them to play on and keep going, as they could potentially still come out of the game with a point. Workington Town are the best example of that; they’ve picked up nine losing bonus points this year – it could keep them in the Championship!

NO, bonus points are a ridiculous idea
There’s no doubting that of all the ideas Rugby League has tried to introduce, the losing bonus points system is by far the most ridiculous. Quite how people think it’s a good idea to reward mediocrity by giving teams a point for losing by so many is a farcical concept, and needs eliminating from the game. And as for the RFL’s phrase of ‘Every Minute Matters’, doesn’t every minute already matter to a Rugby League player? They consistently give it their all regardless of a scoreline, because if they didn’t, they’d get flattened! If we’re using one system across the board next year, it simply has to be the one Super League currently use. We don’t want to see farcical situations where teams are dropping a goal if they’re 12 points behind, for example. Get rid of it!

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