Decisions on league structure delayed until the end of the season

Representatives of the Super League and all 12 top-flight clubs met today at Haydock Park – and it was decided that no decisions over the format of the league structure will be made until the end of this season.

Originally, this meeting of the clubs was pencilled in as the one where a number of key decisions would be made but, after a season which has become one of the most exciting in years, the relevant parties have agreed that if there are any decisions to be made, they will not be made until the end of this season.

Furthermore, TotalRL has learned that the Super 8s structure is now increasingly likely to stay for the 2018, with any wholesale changes only likely to be made for the 2019 season.

TotalRL can reveal that among the options discussed by clubs, alternative tweaks to the system including awarding the League Leaders’ Shield at an earlier date and resetting the points totals for all competitions at the start of the Super 8s were put on the table.

Thursday night TV games have also been suggested to be moved to an earlier kick-off time.

There was no vote – instead, sources told TotalRL that the meeting was more an opportunity for clubs to give a full explanation of the matters to discuss with stakeholders such as broadcasters, fans and players moving forward.

Any calls will now be made after the season has concluded.