Derek Beaumont lost for words after Leigh’s successful Super League bid

Derek Beaumont says the hard work starts now for Leigh after being awarded the twelfth spot in Super League.

The Centurions beat five other clubs to be promoted to the competition following Toronto Wolfpack’s expulsion.

The decision was unanimous across the seven-person panel, leaving owner Beaumont preparing for Super League.

“The biggest challenge we’ve set is that in 2022 Super League is for Leigh, that’s got a whole lot tougher because to do that we’ve to stay in Super League which we’ve not managed before,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m absolutely overwhelmed by it. It’s a massive thing for our club and the town. My first thoughts go to the other five clubs who will feel deflated now.

“I’d just like to thank Lord Jonathan Caine and the panel for meticulously going through the document and giving us the decision. It’s not often I’m lost for words, but I’m struggling here.

“I had complete faith in the panel. They want the best for the sport, they’ve shown that massively today that the bid we’ve put in, Lord Jonathan Caine can stand there and he’s prepared to take questions from other clubs and I think that’s very honourable.

“I was very confident with the work gone in it, we’d belt and braced for everything with Covid, financially we’re strong, we’ve got a good squad there’s no bad news coming from this club. We’ve just got a bit to add to it. I was very confident because I genuinely thought it would take something to beat what we’d put forward.”