Derek Beaumont keen to retain promotion

Derek Beaumont believes there is enough strength in the Championship to support a 14-team Super League.

The Leigh owner, speaking on Rugby League Back Chat, believes promotion should not be scrapped as a result of the season suspension, with a focus instead being put on ways to extend the season.

Among the various considerations discussed by Super League and RFL clubs has been the option of getting rid of relegation, but still promoting a side to make up a 13-team Super League next season.

There’s a belief that a 14-team competition would be the ideal number for Super League, with Beaumont among those in support of the idea.

Leigh have enjoyed a superb start to the season and are currently unbeaten in league action along with Toulouse and Featherstone.

While Beaumont admitted changes would have to be made, which may see the 1895 Cup, sponsored by his business AB Sundecks, fall victim, he believes the opportunity of promotion should remain a priority.

“I think you’ve got to extend the season,” he said.

“Contracts run until the end of November so that could be looked at. You’d think a shortened play-off is an option. I think there has to be a play-off because everyone deserves a fair crack at promotion at the end, whether it be 2v3 to play the winner, or 1v4 or 2v3. There are lots of options and consideration for clubs to have a say in.

“I’ve always said when I was in Super League it should be 14 teams. You see with what’s in the Championship it could be sorted. Whoever it is going up, I think it could support it.

“What we have got is a very strong, deep squad who are committed. I think what you’ll find is having 28 players will be very useful when you have this backlog of fixtures and that will put us in good stead. I am financially committed to sticking with it. Hopefully, when it does come back we’ll work hard and fight strong, if that’s 13 teams in Super League, I’m not bothered as long as we’re one of them.”

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