Dr Marwan Koukash calls for greater support

Salford Red Devils Chairman Marwan Koukash admits he disappointed by the lukewarm response by the people of Salford in buying season tickets for the 2014 season.

Koukash has renamed the former Salford City Reds and has signed 14 new players. The players and coaching staff are currently undergoing three weeks of warm-weather training in South Africa.

“I have certainly delivered in terms of what I promised I would for Salford but the response from fans has not been as good as I expected,” Koukash told the Manchester Evening News.

“After having done so much and more, I am bound to be disappointed and frustrated.

“I am a man of my word – I have brought in new players and raised the club’s profile.

“I made it my business to go out urging more people to become part of what is their club.

“It is time for fans to really show they want a strong competitive side in Salford – I again urge people to give us a chance and become part of the club.

“People now have to get behind this club and support what I am doing for the city and for the sport.”