Eagles enhance security over terrorist fears

NRL side Manly Sea Eagles have sent a senior official on counter-terrorism courses over fears of a terrorist attack.

After the horrific events in Paris, which included a suicide bomber blowing himself up outside the Stade de France, it has forced sporting organisations to ramp up their security, including clubs in Rugby League.

Reports also suggest a number of NRL clubs are considering the employment of a sports security firm based in Qatar.

“I have been to quite a few lectures on counter-terrorism and terrorism issues that no longer say this might happen, it’s more when this will occur,” said Manly’s football manager Charlie Haggett.

“That seems to be the common theme in this day and age. For any organisation to think they don’t need to do anything until something happens, that’s putting your head in the sand and ignoring the issues that are happening around us.

“The paper has been written from the minor issues right up to the most severe issues, including working with venue security, police and government, and in the case of something like France where we end up with a terrorist attack or major siege issue at a sporting venue.

“We have steps and processes in place from the team and player perspective and how the incident would be managed. We want to be on the front foot. It’s an area I am very passionate about.

“But there is certainly no intelligence (of an attack) at this time that we’re aware of and we know the Australian Government and law enforcement bodies are right on top of security issues in our country.”