Ellis admits he’s targeting new deal at Hull

Hull FC captain Gareth Ellis admits he has to play as many games as possible this year, so he can prolong his career at the top level and earn a new deal with the Black and Whites.

Ellis underwent Achilles surgery last year, which has made him touch-and-go for their season opener against Salford next Friday.

The 34-year-old has not played since last July, and he admits he’s got to get as many games under his belt as possible to ensure he can play his way into a new contract.

His existing deal runs out with Lee Radford’s side at the end of this year, and he insists he’s got plenty to prove to himself.

“It’s imperative for me to be out there this year. My contract is up and obviously an injured Gareth Ellis is not going to be something that is particularly inviting to a new contract,” he told the Super League website.

“I’ve a lot to prove to myself in terms of getting back to where I was playing last year and trying to get a new contract and prolong my career a little bit longer.”