Ellis hints at changes in Hull’s pack

Hull FC forward Gareth Ellis has hinted that there will be changes for their squad, particularly in the forwards during the next offseason.

While Ellis is concentrating more on his playing of late after coming out of retirement, he was able to provide an update on the upcoming comings and goings at the KCOM Stadium.

“There will be changes probably more in the forwards, that’s what we’ve lost over recent years and will do this year,” said Ellis.

“Some people are going to come and go. This squad has been together for quite some time now and achieved some great things but like anything, there is a cycle of events.

“We’re going to have some lads retiring and some lads moving on.

Meanwhile, Ellis also believes that the mentality of Rugby League players has changed significantly during his playing career.

The legendary forward has seen everything in a career that started 20 years ago, along with many changes. Among them is the attitude of his peers, who he believes aren’t as mentally tough as those from the beginning of his career.

“The days of shouting and bawling probably don’t have the same effect now,” he said.

“I think you could go to a local school and the teachers would tell you the same thing. It’s the way of the world.

“From a coaching point of view you have to learn to adapt to get the best out of people, even if it’s against what you are as a person.

“That’s the challenge for us as coaches, but for players there has to be a desire to turn up every week, do the shirt proud and be winners.”

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