Elstone denies Super League interference in RFL structure proposals

Super League chief executive Rob Elstone has denied that he or the Super League clubs have had any role in the proposals published on this website recently, for a reorganisation of the Championship into 14 clubs and League 1 into a 12-team competition.

Totalrl.com revealed the details of the RFL’s proposals, which have yet to be officially confirmed, but which included the promotion of three teams from League 1 this year and the relegation of just one team from the Championship.

Elstone was speaking in response to an article in which Bradford Bulls Chairman Andrew Chalmers commented about the current state of the league structure debate.

“It is totally wrong to infer that we have had sight of, let alone influenced or approved the Championship and League 1 structures,” said Elstone.

“We have always said that’s down to them.

“It has never formed part of any of our discussions with the RFL and it has never been a negotiating point.