Elstone warns of possible sanctions for Toronto

Super League chief executive Robert Elstone has admitted Toronto Wolfpack could face repercussions for pulling out of this year’s competition.

The Wolfpack surprised everyone, including Elstone himself, by revealing they would not take part on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Elstone admitted they may face sanctions for their actions.

“We just need time to reflect on it,” he said.

“The short-term priority is adjusting 2020, the medium term we have to look at any potential sanctions for Toronto’s actions for essentially stepping down from the competition in 2020 and in the longer term it’s some considered dialogue with the Wolfpack, with Super League, with our clubs about the club’s long-term plans and status in the competition.

“We were aware of rumours in the game that probably weren’t fully aligned with what we were hearing from the club.

“The club’s attempts to get to the start line in 2020 were very genuine, and only as late as last Thursday we got verbal assurances they were going to be ready. So in that sense, it was a surprise, but there were mixed messages out there and so we were very much alerted to the situation of Toronto.”

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