England centre could have permanent eye damage

Brisbane Broncos centre Jack Reed has admitted that he may have blurred vision for the rest of his life following a bizarre injury.

Reed was forced to have laser surgery on his right eye after he was accidentally elbowed by Penrith’s Bryce Cartwright in a tackle. It resulted in Reed suffering from blurred vision, seeing spots and enduring headaches, although the latter of those symptoms has stopped since having surgery.

The 27-year-old told the Courier Mail: “It was a bit of a scary moment losing your vision.

“My vision’s still a little blurry but hopefully it settles over time. The vision should come back, or it could be as it is for the rest of time.

“It’s a little bit blurry and spotty. It’s nothing too bad. My vision is still pretty much 20-20 and I’m able to play my footy.”