England’s World Cup group games ‘moved’ to BBC Two – does it matter to you?

This one has caused a fair bit of debate in the last 24 hours..!

News emerged earlier this week that England’s three World Cup group games against Lebanon, France and Australia, all understood to be initially shown on BBC One, have now been moved across to BBC Two.

Details surrounding the news came from reliable rugby league Twitter account, RugbyLeagueOnTV. They tweeted:

It means that the games are still accessible for everyone, given how they have only been shifted across one channel and not to an online platform or a subscription-only TV service. But some people still weren’t happy.

The BBC are yet to confirm all their upcoming broadcast dates, but it has been confirmed on their website that the Australia game will indeed be on Two, rather than One.

It’s fair to say it split opinion. But what do you think? Does it represent a blow for rugby league that England’s games – including the opener against Australia – have been ‘downgraded’ from BBC One to BBC Two? Or is it simply another mountain being made out of a molehill?

Let us know your thoughts.