Escaré can’t wait to be a Red Devil

Morgan Escaré is desperate to pull on a Salford jersey, although he admits it might not be until next year.

The Red Devils unveiled their new signing last week, confirming that Escaré had signed a three-year deal with the club.

He was a free agent after leaving Wigan but despite that, Escaré confirmed that the deal starts from next season and not with immediate effect.

For now, he will join the club for four weeks of training, at which point the club will make a decision on the rest of this year.

“I start training next Monday for four weeks and after I am meeting and maybe they say to me to come and finish the season,” he said.

“I want to play this season, but for now I’m training every day and training hard. But if the coach says to me he wants me to play now, then definitely. I want to finish the season playing for the team, but we will see if that happens.”

Regardless, Escaré is happy to be back with a club after leaving Wigan following a difficult spell.

“When Graeme (Taylor, Escaré’s agent) told me the coach of Salford was interested I said oui,” he said.

“I’m very excited to start, when I signed for Salford the coach called me and text me every day, he has sent me the video for the attack of Salford so I can understand once I get to play.

“When I signed for Wigan I signed for four years. Shaun Wane was the coach and I played two years for him and it’s very nice because I won two trophies and it’s a good memory for me. The last two years have been very difficult for me because I have not played too much. But Wigan is a good club and a good memory for me.

“Now I’m very excited now and I just want to play very well for the club, because this club gave me a new chance, a new opportunity, I want to play well for the fans.”