Exclusive: A number of clubs considering backing Koukash

A number of Super League sides who were contacted by Salford owner Marwan Koukash are understood to be considering backing his calls for a vote of no-confidence in the governance of the sport.

Koukash made the headlines on Tuesday when he revealed he had been in touch with some Super League sides, asking for their support in a bid to declare a vote of no-confidence against the Rugby Football League and their running of the game.

And, TotalRL understands that there are at least a handful of sides contemplating backing Koukash should the issue get as far as an actual vote – although that could remain some way off yet.

It is unclear what sort of percentage Koukash needs to successfully carry through the vote, but the Red Devils chief is expected to reveal more at what promises to be an explosive press conference on Wednesday.

That press conference has been set up to address Salford’s six-point deduction for breaching the salary cap – and NOT for Koukash to quit the sport, as had been reported elsewhere last week.