FAN PANEL: Our Warrington fan previews tonight’s game with Hull FC

The mettle of a good team can often best be demonstrated in the face of adversity and when things are not going well. For Warrington, their game against Hull on Friday gives them a chance to prove their strength and fortitude.

Having been on a run of 10 straight wins, the Wire ran head first into the biggest wall so far this year, namely Wigan. They failed the test presented to them and capitulated a little in the manner of their defeat.

Now, Warrington haven’t suddenly become poor, they just played poorly and Wigan, who played tremendously, gave them a lesson in dominant rugby. Outclassed, outperformed and maybe even outfought, the Wire players realised that the good times don’t last forever. It was a tough game to watch as a fan, but going forward it may just be a significant juncture in the season.

Warrington now realise the gulf between 2nd and 3rd. They realise that if they are to win Super League, that their current level needs to be raised, and I for one believe that they are not only capable, but that they will indeed rise to the challenge and up their game. Only the rest of the season will prove me right or not, but it should be an interesting watch that is for sure.

On Friday the road to redemption can take its first step. A win against Hull would close the wounds opened up at Magic and remind the Warrington team that it was a hiccup and not a trend. Warrington will meet Wigan again in two weeks in the Cup but they must not look past Friday and focus solely on revenge. Winning on Friday is the priority and will be the perfect tonic to the Magic Weekend hangover.

Hull come to Warrington in a right mess but having lost only once in their last four trips to the Halliwell Jones. I’m not sure I’ve seen a team more beat up and crippled by injury. Yeaman has come out of retirement and Radford too may need to lace his boots if the crisis continues. Warrington should sympathise of course, but once the whistle blows they need to put the weakened Hull to the sword. I think they will and that the Wire will be starting their next long run of winning games