Ferres: McDermott used to bash me at Bradford

You couldn’t have blamed Brett Ferres if he had thought twice about reacquainting himself with Brian McDermott.

As a teenager at Bradford, a young Ferres would occasionally get to go up against the first-teamers at the Bulls, including his new head coach.

It didn’t always go to plan, with the current England international revealing he was taught a number of tough lessons from the then experienced forward.

“He used to bash me about a bit,” admitted Ferres.

“He and the rest of the big Bradford forwards at the time. I was just a young kid coming through 13 stone wet through.

“He was very different back then, we were full-time and we’d get to train with the first-team, and to be fair they dished us up now and again. I’d like to think it’s done me a few favours in my time because it toughens you up, so it’s not all a bad thing.

“I know what he’s all about and I’m looking forward to working under him.”

Ferres went on to admit that the move had taken him by surprise, stating that it was the biggest move he could possibly make in his career.

“It’s just fantastic,” he said.

“If you’d gone back 12 months I’d have never thought this would be happening. It’s a bit of a pinch myself moment but I’m here now and it is time for me to prove my worth.”

Interest was thought to be high in the 29-year-old, with teams from both sides of the world thought to be keen.

And Ferres has admitted that a move to an NRL club DID almost happen.

“I had a good look at it to be fair.

“It was very flattering when a few clubs came in for me, but I think ultimately I have two young girls I don’t want to leave because they are a massive part of my life. I just didn’t think it was the right move because of that.

“I’m a bit of a mummy’s boy too. I like the company of my mum and dad and my girls are everything to me so I didn’t want to leave them. It’s just worked out perfectly for me really.”