Off the field interview: Richard Moore

The Wakefield prop tells us about his love of lasagne, his natural talent for golf and some of his former Rhinos team-mates…

Moore’s favourite food – his mum’s homemade lasagne. ©BBC

What is your favourite food?
Probably lasagne. My mum always made a good one so whenever she’s making one I always ask her to save me some. I’d be happy if she gave me a box of that every now and then. She likes to put a bit of everything in it. She tried the Jamie Oliver one with red wine in it and stuff like that, and it tastes quite nice.

What song do you listen to more than any other?
Well, in rugby when you first sign for a team sometimes they have you singing in front of everyone to embarrass you a little bit. I usually sing Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ and a lot of people know I like that song. I think that’s coming out on Leeds’ South Stand Music [a charity CD of Leeds Rhinos anthems]. I think I have a solo coming out on that. That’s my favourite song.

Which superpower would you most like to have?
Invisibility. I would go straight through the wall of a bank and take as much money as I could.

What is your favourite animal?
It has to be a dog. I always wanted a British or a French bulldog and I think I’m getting one soon. Obviously when you have a girlfriend they want a cute dog, but walking round with a Chihuahua is not my scene. I think I could push to a French bulldog, though, so that’s what I’m getting.

If dreams came true, this would be Richard Moore. ©FascinatingPics
If dreams came true, this would be Richard Moore. ©FascinatingPics

What is your favourite colour?
It’s obvious and I don’t really have a reason, but it’s blue.

What year would you go to in a time machine?
Probably back to the start of my rugby career. I’d take it more seriously from the age of about 16 to 20. I probably wasn’t 100 per cent committed as much as I should have been. I’d do a few things differently. Without getting into too much detail, there’s a lot of players who fall away a bit through women and beer. Aged 16 to 20 is an important time for any young rugby player reading this. Obviously you finish your career around 30-35 so if you focus and give it a good go up to 20 you’ll stand yourself in good stead to have a proper career.

What scares you more than anything?
Snakes probably. My friend had one and every time I went to his house he opened the cage!

It’s my round, what are you drinking?
I can drink whatever but I normally go for vodka and soda so I can keep the weight off. I used to like cider but with me having Crohn’s Disease now it gives me stomach ache. I have it now and then but I try to keep away from it.

Richard Moore is looking to buy one of these, a French bulldog. ©FrenchieFever
Richard Moore is looking to buy one of these, a French bulldog. ©FrenchieFever

What’s your favourite time of year?
Probably February, start of the season. You’ve trained so hard pre-season and put loads of effort in and everybody is buzzing. It’s a good time of the year.

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?
I’d probably say 25. It would be amazing. I would say 25 to 30 is the peak of anyone’s rugby career. That’s hard to say, isn’t it, when I’m 32 hoping to still peak!

TV or a film?
Film. I love anything with Jim Carrey, especially ‘Dumb and Dumber’ [Moore was thrilled when I revealed I’d read a sequel with the original characters was in production].

Tidy or messy?
I’m tidy I’d say, especially when my girlfriend comes round. I always make an effort.

Any bad habits?
My girlfriend would say farting all the time. I just blame it on the Crohn’s Disease!

Moore appeared on the South Stand Music CD signing Lionel Richie's Hello. ©Guardian
Moore appeared on the South Stand Music CD signing Lionel Richie’s Hello. ©Guardian

What was your first car like?
Ford Focus 1.6. I think it cost me £6,000. It was black. It was alright for my first car. I didn’t want anything too flashy. I’ve got a Peugeot RCZ now, two-litre diesel.

Do you have any hobbies?
I used to play golf but I’ve stopped that now. I was playing four or five times a week but it was taking too much time. Last time I was at Wakefield I made friends with the professional at Lupset GC and he taught me. I got down to an 18 handicap within a year.

Who is your favourite fictional character?
Most of the characters Jim Carrey plays. I like The Mask a lot. His powers are brilliant and he’s a really funny character.

What did you do for your first job?
I signed for Keighley Cougars! I was lucky enough to start at 15.

Greatest moment of your life
Probably playing against the All Golds in 2007. Touring the South Pacific with England ‘A’ was brilliant too.

Best friend in the game
Stuart Calvert, I played with him at Keighley and we still stay in touch. He had to retire through injury. He still comes to watch me a lot and has always encouraged me.

Moore is a sufferer of Ophidiophobia - a fear of snakes. ©NetGeo
Moore is a sufferer of Ophidiophobia – a fear of snakes. ©NetGeo

Which pro has the worst dress sense?
Well, throughout my time as a rugby player I think most Aussies have terrible dress sense, they’ll wear their going-out jeans with their training shoes. Ryan Hall wears Ugg boots, so he has to be up there too. Jamie Jones-Buchanan is quite bad as well, so you could say Jonesy definitely. I forgot about him.

What do you want to do when you retire?
The gym I use in Keighley is owned by Paul Royston and he thinks I’d be a good personal trainer thanks to all my experience and he thinks people would want to listen and learn off me.

What do you hate more than anything?
Losing. Outside of rugby I can get quite angry in the car. Especially with old people dithering!