Five clubs in for autumn competition

The RFL’s Autumn competition appears to be in doubt after just five clubs expressed an interest in playing.

The deadline for entry has now passed with Batley, Barrow, Bradford, Dewsbury and Leigh (pictured) the only clubs to register for the competition.

Featherstone and York joined 18 other clubs in opting out of the competition on Friday, leaving the governing body way short of the initial 16-team competition format they had drawn up.

An eight-team format had also been drawn up but with that also not fulfilled, they are set to go back to the drawing board with the five interested clubs to try and find a format that will work.

Despite the setback, the RFL are still positive that they can get the competition up and running with the five interested clubs, though it appears highly unlikely that a nine-week format, as was initially planned, will take place.

A meeting is understood to be scheduled for Friday.

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