Five of the biggest pet hates in Rugby League

TotalRL HQ was a very vocal place this morning as we compared and debated our own pet hates in the world of Rugby League.

But that got us wondering, what frustrates you, the fans, more than anything else when it comes to our great game? So we asked you on Twitter to get in touch, and you did so en masse, in fact, you haven’t stopped all day!

After listening to you all, here are some of the most brought up topics today. Have we missed your pet hate out? Don’t be scared to get in touch with us on Twitter at either @LeagueExpress or @RLWorld

Full-backs not running straight

Now, we have some sympathy for full-backs, because a lot of the time they return the ball to suit the tempo of the game or run to the middle of the pitch for the benefits of field position.

But it can be really, really frustrating when 30 metres can be made, but instead a hop, skip and a jump is the preferred mode of making a few measly metres.

It is perhaps why Matty Russell is as popular as he is at Warrington. There’s no messing around with his returns, and the Wire fans love it.

Water carriers

You know who you are! Every now and again there is always that one water carrier who will just not leave the field.

The role is very important for all teams, not only to ensure all the players are appropriately hydrated but also to get important instructions on the field.

However, when you start wondering why the referee hasn’t noticed the other team has 14 men on the field, it’s gone a bit too far.


Get rid of this… NOW!

For fans, this is probably the worst thing about Rugby League at the minute, and you haven’t been shy in telling us that today.

There is nothing more infuriating than seeing a player rock up for one match only and totally decimate your team, while for fans of clubs that use it, seeing a favourite of yours kicked into touch to accommodate an unfit or unselected player from the league above is not a nice feeling.

Hopefully, this comes to an end soon

The foot in touch rule

Seriously, how annoying is this rule?

Well, according to you, it’s very frustrating, as several of you have voiced your displeasure about the rule.

There’s something about seeing a long-range kick stop perfectly in-goal that is truly satisfying, for some, it might be therapeutical.

So imagine the rage that builds up inside when a covering defender simply plants their foot out of touch and gets a 20-metre restart.

It’s a rule that is certainly one of the least popular in the game.


Which is highly ironic given the nature of this article!

But it has to be said, there are certain sections of the Rugby League community that love to have a moan about anything, and sometimes it is unfounded.

After all, regardless of the work that needs to be done, it is still the greatest game of all!