Former RFL official joins New York

New York have acquired the expertise of a former RFL official as they prepare for their emergence in Rugby League.

Jason Harborow, the former Operations Director of the RFL, was responsible for the logistical management of the World Cup in 2000.

His career has seen him involved in the organisation of the Commonwealth Games, major music events and giga-events in the Middle East.

He will take on the role of Sports Strategy Advisor and act as a consultant for the franchise’s hierarchy as they prepare for the challenges of being a Trans-Atlantic team.

His appointment ties in with the club’s partnership with Global 13, for whom Harborow acts as Managing Director.

“We are looking forward to working with NYRL, sharing our insights and working with them to develop their global brand, commercial and sports strategy,” Harborow said.

“We are particularly excited about developing a community programme in schools focusing on Education, Employment and Health and Wellbeing which we anticipate will impact on over 75,000 in the Tri-State region, as this is at the heart of our vision.”

Club founder and CEO Ricky Wilby added: “We are excited about developing our plans with their expert guidance and assistance. I am also delighted that Jason has accepted the invitation to develop the new advisory board to help us detail our plans.”

The club also launched an Independence Day themed training jersey on Saturday to mark July 4th.