Former St Helens man Lance Hohaia helps out Tampa Mayhem for USARL season

Former St Helens star Lance Hohaia has taken up a very different rugby league role.. helping out USARL side Tampa Mayhem in preparation for their fourth season as a club.

Hohaia, who won Super League and World Cup titles during an illustrious career, has been helping the Mayhem in their preparation for the new season.

One of the Mayhem’s owners Chris Dickenson commented: “A lot of our boys had a successful rugby union season that went on longer than most clubs.

“We felt it was important that those players receive adequate rest ahead of what can be a gruelling Rugby League season. We’ve experienced first-hand in recent years that the USARL South competition is all about how you finish and not how you start so our primary focus is to build and improve as the season goes on.”

The Mayhem revealed that Hohaia’s methods in training have been conditioning, wrestling in the tackle and attacking and defensive structures.

“Needless to say in 95 degree heat it is tough going but the guys have been great and no one gave up,” said Hohaia.

“In the wrestle, I focused on impact site with the shoulder and two take down moves which will give the tackler control of the ball carrier. If the attacker can be controlled on the ground this gives the defensive line time. We finished with some one on one wrestle conditioning. The aim was to wrestle their partner until one of them was on their back.”