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  1. One person in all this saga has been overlooked and that is the referee. As a referee who was hospitalized because of a player's action I can give first hand knowledge. The referee has job that players and spectators alike love to have a go at and think they can do a better job,but offer them the whistle and they're gone. No referee goes out on a match day to get players banned. They are there so the game of rugby league can take place. Take them away and low and behold no game no rugby league. If a referee is assaulted as I was and and the one Bridge took out on his own admission then in my oppinion that player should be banned from the game. I may add that the player who assaulted me appealed and his ban was doubled (by BARLA).from ten years to twenty years. After the assault it took a long time to be fully committed to the game again as each game on the whistle was one of apprehention as to what would happen,I was always looking out for the player who thought he was being badly done too. My worry was that if these players are allowed to play again what if they come up against a young up and coming referee, will the player take advantage of that referee and make his life hell so that referee walks away from the game thus one less referee that the game is crying out for. I strongly disagree with you Roughyed34 Bridge should not be allowed to play again. He knew what he was doing and I think it was only by luck that the referee was not badly injured. Bridge might come over as a nice person but it is in his make up to assault because things are not going his way. Perhaps roughyed 34 would change his view if he was on the receiving end of the assault that Bridge did.
  2. I have now read the report from the RL Disciplinary hearing which is available for all to see on the RFL site. I must say it does not paint a good picture for Bridge. Suggest that people read it, it does put full blame on Bridge and also how the referee now feels. I know where he is coming from it is not a pleasant feeling and takes a long time to get over. However ,having read and thought about the whole thing it is now up to Oldham and Mr Hamilton to decide Bridge's future. If his contract is up it should not be renewed and should be shown the door from Oldham. Does the club want to hold on to a player who deliberately assaults a referee and thus causes the club to have a bad name? Remember no man is bigger than the club, rugby is a game that needs controlled aggresion ,it doesn't seem to have got through to Bridge. Has he thought what younger players think of someone like himself and is that the image he wants for himself?
  3. Hi RL does what Sky says, yes it was indeed the match you refer too.As you say that was a del;iberate attack and he got what he deserved. As for Bridge, he has pleaded guilty to the offence so does that mean he should be band for years? I have seen the footage and it does look bad, the referee would not have seen it coming but the touch judge was in a very good position to see the whole thing. What did he report? Unless we have information to the hearing we are all in the dark. Should he be given another chance? Personally I don't think so, he has admitted a deliberate offence of an attack on a match official and should have been out of the game. We are struggling for officials , so what happens next time he plays with perhaps a ref who is up and coming. Does he take advantage of that or will he have learnt his lesson? Time will tell.
  4. Some years ago I was assaulted by a player during an amateur game.The player has never played again as he was given a twenty year ban. To me it matters not be it Super league or amateur no player shouild be allowed to get away with an assault. He got what he deserved there is no space in the game for players like Bridge. I think he has got away lightly for what I have seen of the clip. I may add that I took the player to court and won.
  5. exrlref


    Just to add to roughyedspud, am I right in saying that if promotion is gained Whitegate is a non starter and a move would have to be made. Doesn't it make sense to sound out the the new Latics owner on a ground share?
  6. exrlref


    Perhaps Roughyed34 could inform us of the deeper problems that run deep!! In the mean time i will still avoid Whitegate. I don't want to watch a match even be it under cover from the side line behind the dead ball line. Whitegate will never attract me and I would suggest a great mantyother people. Not sour grapes just plain unadulterated facts.
  7. exrlref


    I must admit that I am one of the missing supporters but still have a soft spot for oldham.There has been many comments passed about the state of Oldham and the falling numbers and all must bear some of the blame. I was very much involved with schools rugby in the town and was fortunate to be part of the teaching staff that took the town team to Wembly for the curtain raiser at the Challenge Cup. That team included Kevin Sinfield. At that time the rugby club was very involved with schools at junior level and they used to send players to schools for coaching for several weeks at a time. This raised interest in the club and families started to follow and attend club matches. However this stopped and has never been reintroduced thus starving the club of a high profile in schools. Summer rugby was never a favorite with myself and family and after many years as season ticket holders we withdrew as holidays and other summer activities made it no longer a viable option. After the sell out of the old Watersheddings ground by a certain Batty the club became nomads but did make a home at Boundery Park until certain things are alledged to have happended that caused the club to move. I attended Whitegate when I could but found it a very unattractive ground for families. No cover, no toilets, no bleachers no parking what a joke it was. We as a family had to arrive at least 45 mins before kick off to get a place for my wife and family to get on the railings other wise you could not see, this I believe is still the case. I even approached the Chairman about it but it was like talking to a brick wall. After that I have never attended a match. That has also been a problem as the Chairman doesn't know how or doesn't want to engage with people. If there was to be a move back to Boundery park now there is a new owner there it could tempt me and my family back as it would mean good viewing sitting on seats and being under cover as well as toilet facilities. I don't hold my breath for this to happed but one can hope. There is no bad blood with the club just a general grip. In the meantime I will attend Saddleworth where my wife and I are made welcome and can sit under cover and still enjoy Rugby league.
  8. CH would not want any help. He is a one man moron who has an ego that would want a planet of his own. Do you seriosly think the likes of KS and BMc would want anything to do with CH? These two guys have too much pride to mix with the likes of CH. Even with the increase in gates and new fans!!! Ch will still not invove anyone but himself. A lost chord with him I'm afraid.
  9. exrlref


    I pulled out of the lottery years ago because of the way the whole thing was run. Hasn't got any better. Why do people still put money in CH's pocket?
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