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  1. Too much for me that Bryan.... I do remember him playing against us for Fartown a couple of times and ripping us to bits at times and, as I said a few weeks back on facebook, he was one of those players who you just thought "FFS sign him so he can't do any more damage"..... Scott Ranson was another who made me feel like that when he was at Swinton.
  2. Well they can do something special next April/May when Wally Gibson comes over. He's promised to come to a game at Bower Fold. Come on ORSA/RO
  3. Mmmmm Let's face it there might be one or two teams in league one who St Annes seconds would give a game....!
  4. For those who don't partake in facebook but are old enough to remember Brett Clark he's over on his jollies for 3 weeks. So if you see a Brett Clark lookeelikee knocking round town over the coming weeks approach him and buy him a drink.... He likes a beer or ten...!
  5. My son summed it up in three words..... YES!! GET IN!! Great to have George back.
  6. It's got one... They are called Salford, have lots of money and no one goes....!
  7. Be interesting to see how Jamaica do in this after they overwhelmed a team of home grown Irish lads last week.
  8. And THAT my friend is exactly why you were welcome to win that promotion final.. Poisoned chalice that year, glad it was you not us then who went up.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised, given the connection, if we don't see a few Leigh fringe players head our way next season. Which I think would do us every bit as good as any DR with the Giants.
  10. If you cast your mind back Thompy had a ###### time with injuries for a while, Scott showed faith in him and look what happened.... If Craig turns out anything like Thompy we'll all be well happy.
  11. Dear Father Christmas.... Please can we have Ryan Bailey and Jordan Cox from Warrington. Thank you.
  12. This is all well and good but when are the knockers coming out????
  13. I tend to agree. Whilst I am sad to see some of the players move on to Rochdale the bottom line is Rochdale are, in the main, building a team from players who know how to survive in the Championship. I'd like to think that we are moving forward and building a team to do a bit more than just survive this time round.
  14. I would advise anyone who hasn't seen this lad on youtube to have a look. He's a proper handful out wide. Pace, strength, a step and an offload. Things really seem to be coming together...... Is it February yet?
  15. Aaaaaaaahh! Hope I've spelt it right...
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