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  1. I guess thats gone forever now. However it will be nice to play Saturday for a change.
  2. Imran, I will first offer them to Claire's project. If they dont go, you are welcome to take them all, and do whatever with the ones you dont want.
  3. Sorry John I dont know what that is (or more likely have forgotten). Do you have any contacts?
  4. Having a clear out of my garage today and found loads of programmes. I guess there is around 100 or more from the last 10 or 12 years, or so. Does anybody want these before they go into the recycling?
  5. Thanks Colin. I was very close (17747)
  6. Did anybody catch the number for the half time draw on Sunday?
  7. A top tip for next time we play at Odsal. Get 3 of you together and go to the ticket office (can do it on game day) and ask for a tri-pass. That is 3 tickets and the cost is £60. A saving of £15 between you. Thanks to the lads who tipped us off and joined us to do it. As for the match, forget it.
  8. Well done Hornets. You would not give up, even when 2 scores down (up hill).
  9. Actually, they play all of their games on a pitch that's unique. Different sizes, shapes, lengths of grass, imitation grass, varying 10m markings, etc etc. It is an advantage, it's called home advantage.
  10. I also commented on the kick offs. Same one every single time. A couple of years ago, away at Rochdale, Danny Yates really mixed up the kick offs and caught us napping a few times. He plays for us now, so come on give it a go.
  11. Over the last 6 or 7 years me and my son have used this a good 12 - 15 times. Last season it was twice. I think it is a great idea.
  12. You could have been a bit mischievous there Redditch. Not to mention make yourself a few quid into the bargain.
  13. I don't suppose his injury, after a long chase has helped, but I have always said that about Wayne. Pin your ears back and go for it, you are faster than you think.
  14. My thoughts exactly Ernieone. Those pictures underneath are very thirsty.
  15. I was on a desktop, but maybe it is my eyes that are not as good as they once were. Anyway, got my tickets from the club now. Thanks for the tip though.
  16. To be fair Roger, that is all a bit of a farce considering you get the option to add tickets on one order. If I am collecting, I may as well just come up and buy the tickets. Just need to know when I can do that now. Thanks for your help.
  17. The problem seems to be that I am trying to order 2 tickets. It accepts my name for one, but wont accept it for 2. Nor will it accept any other name in the second box. If I order separately, I will end up paying the £2 postage twice.
  18. Thanks Roger. I will give it a try later.
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