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  1. Our CEO just confirmed match is definitely on.
  2. Not Riggy, but no we have no Dual Reg or loan players in the squad. Although we are DR with Wigan we haven't used any so far.
  3. Davecord


    There's a pub in Sale town centre called the King's Ransom with canalside seating that serves food. It's about 15 mins walk or 1 tram stop from the ground. I think the Bridge is further back at a tram stop called Dane Rd that too has food and outdoor seating. Both easily accessible on the tram or a couple of mins from A56 if your driving
  4. I think with Wigan injury situation we may be struggling for DR. Big game for both sides obviously hope we win but would also like to see you stay up. Always enjoy our trips to Barrow one of the few places still with a traditional ground in the town centre. Beers in Ulverston never a bad thing either always like to call in The Old Friends Inn win or lose. Safe journey to all making the trip
  5. NEXT ️ The summer of #rugbyleague continues at Heywood Road with just £10 tickets and kids FREE! ️ Barrow Raiders July 21st Heywood Road, Sale Live music 🖌 Children's Arts and Crafts Bouncy Castle Face painting Tickets now ONLINE! https://lions.mysportstickets.co.uk
  6. Just a note if your not aware, there is a family fun day on Sunday prior to the game and admission has been cut to £10 for adults and kids are free.
  7. Our game against you folks will be taking place at the AJ Bell on Sunday 3pm not Heywood Rd. The pitch at Sale was unfit on Sunday and was not likely to be fit for this week. Think you will get official notification shortly.
  8. Roger, I understand the pitch is in a bad state. Although dry now there was rain early today and more forecast. Looking at the club Facebook page it appears the board are looking at the possibility of an alternative venue (AJ Bell would be my guess) for the game. It also mentions that reversing fixture was tried, but apparently some work is being done at your place.
  9. One of our supporters (Swinton) was having a beer with him in Melbourne last night , says he has signed for Barrow .
  10. Rhodri played in one of the pre season games and injured a hamstring. I understand it was a quite a bad one and we haven't seen him since. Latest is he should be back in 3-4 weeks. Certainly been a big miss for us.
  11. Graham. Players signed on are Rhodri, Shaun Robinson, Conor Dwyer , Chris Atkin and Jordan Hand and Andy Thornley. All were announced on Swinton website back in June. Robbo slightly earlier. Suspect your right about Macaulay Hallett but not certain
  12. Rhodri Lloyd signed for next season by Swinton back in July along with 4 other players
  13. Don't know whether the same applies to Oldham but from looking at our website, it appears if our (Swintons) plans to bring Sedgley up to Championship standard hadn't been approved we wouldn't be eligible for promotion. It seems moving would not have been an option.
  14. Understand Heworth has now been confirmed as venue.
  15. Our board have been trying to find out from your 'regime' so far to no avail. A few of us usually stay over Sun night to sample some of your fine licenced establishments, but have not booked anywhere due to the uncertainty. Hope you can rid yourself of this guy soon as clubs at our level can't afford to lose the few supporters we've got.
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