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  1. We have four games left -- TWO at home -- and Roughyeds hope as many fans as possible turn up at the Vestacare Stadium this coming Sunday (3pm) for the visit of London Skolars and again on Sunday, September 4 when Hunslet are here in what might, or might not, have a lot riding on it in terms of play-off qualification. We all know it's been a disappointing season, but pre-season lots of fans were thinking we might not even have a team. We are still alive and kicking and its fair to say, I think, that off the field we are stronger than we have been for years. The club doesn't shut down at the end of the season. Preparations for 2023 are already under way and the more money we can generate for the club the better will be our chances for success next year. That's why it is important we have decent crowds this Sunday and again on Sep 4. It's all about YOU - the fans -- and whether you want to support the club through thick and thin (Roughyeds till I die and all that) or whether you only want to support the club when everything is going well. We are asked to survive on only TEN home games for the full year -- a year in which we have to travel to faraway places like Cornwall, London, Llanelli and the other side of Birmingham. Financially, it's tough for all clubs in League One but tougher for us than a lot of clubs because we don't have our own ground so we can't generate income from bars, food outlets etc. This year clubs like ours have also had to cope with a reduction in central funding of something like 80 per cent. It's not easy but when the going gets tough we like to think Roughyeds in 2022 are resilient enough to roll up their sleeves and get going. This is not a moan -- please don't take it as such -- rather a statement of fact. It was fabulous to see a lot of fans at Solihull last Sunday. I think there were more of us than them. Hope to see you all again, and more, at the Vestacare this Sunday. We owe Skolars one. Let's show our colours, be loud and proud -- and cheer on our boys as we did in Worcestershire last weekend when we went 29-0 up. See you Sunday !
  2. Take your point, jr, and thanks for starting the thread. But what if we play for 80 like we played in the first half ? What then ?
  3. John Holdsworth is very much alive and he is a very nice guy. All referees have to make vital split-second decisions in the heat of the moment. Like you and I they are human. They won't always get decisions right, nor would you or I. The call in particular was a very close call and I would challenge anyone who claims they know for 100 per cent certain that Lordy was onside. Even if it was ever proved that he was onside, John wouldn't be the first ref --- and he sure won't be the last -- to err on a v ital decision. Some decisions go for you; some go against you. It happens. Thanks for your services to the game John -- and long may you enjoy it !
  4. People have short memories. These things happen in sport. I remember the days of one division of about 30 clubs and one season we finished next to bottom. The only team below us (I think) was Blackpool Borough. These days it's all about money and we aint got much. What we do have is an owner who's an absolute gem at keeping us going against all the odds. Again, let's talk about memory. Only a few short months ago, the big debate among fans was whether or not we would even have a club. Well, we are still here. struggling on the field, that's true, but probably stronger off it than we have been for years with John Roddy in as vice chairman; new and regular links with the other rugby league organisations in the town; a vibrant new Supporters Club, YEDS, run by young people; new relationships with Oldham Council; the new agreement for joint use of Melrose which opens up new training and community-initiative opportunities; the launch of a women's team and a masters team for over-35s. I could go on. Suffice to say, a lot of people are giving their time, energy and skills to battle and work for the club they love, so PLEASE stick with us and give us your support. Times are tough, we know that, but we either throw in the towel or we fight the good fight. We prefer to do the latter -- and thus give a lift to the guy who, for nearly quarter of a century, has proved time and again that he doesn't know the existence of the word 'quit'.
  5. An important game for both sides, for sure, with an interesting ######-bit, given the number of cross-club connections. Rival coaches Stu Littler and Allan Coleman are good pals and former Swinton colleagues. The Lions have SEVEN ex-Oldham players in their squad, five of them from as recently as last season, namely Dan Abram, Max Roberts, Lewis Sheridan, Matty Wilkinson and Jack Spencer. The other two are Will Hope and Richard Lepori. In our camp, we have a former Lions player, assistant boss and then head coach in Stu Littler; an ex-Swinton chief in vice-chairman John Roddy and senior players who were also at Heywood Road last season in Martyn Ridyard and Tom Spencer. There are loads of other things going on too -- like the relaunch of Roary's Pride for boys and girls; like the three World Cups on view; like the curtain-raiser featuring Limehurst Lions and Saddleworth Rangers under-10s; like the appearance of numerous former Oldham players, including Alex Melling, Scott Ranson and Shane Tupaea; like the presentation of the match ball to the referee by teenage boxing star Naomi Kalu, whose CV suggests she is heading for the top in women's boxing. Throw in the Melrose Playing Fields adventure; the launch of a women's team, with a Masters team to follow; the introduction of a regular Roughyeds podcast on social media; and the Roughyeds On Tour darts competition at venues across the borough, starting next Thursday, and you can see how much work and effort is being put into the club in order to have more involvement with the community. Sunday is the club's first home game since April. Hope to see you there !
  6. Don't forget Thursday's public meeting at the Fox and Pine, Greaves Street, Oldham in which Roughyeds will give you all the facts and information you require about the formation of the club's new women's team. Women's rugby league is a massive source of growth for our sport and it will be fantastic to see a team of OLDHAM women representing our club and our town. The meeting starts at 7pm and the club will welcome anyone and everyone to listen to what Roughyeds have to say about their new women's team. It also goes without saying that anyone interested in playing, coaching or taking up one of the many off-field roles can take advantage of this opportunity to find out all about the new project and to register their interest. That's 7pm Thursday at the town-centre Fox and Pine in Greaves Street. See you there !
  7. Times are tough in Oldham on the pro sport front. We all know that. As far as Latics are concerned, it happened at Stockport and something similar happened at Bury. Then there's Derby County, Macclesfield and no doubt lots of others whom I don't know about. It's not just an Oldham thing and it's certainly not just a rugby league thing. You've only to look at the number of former Football League clubs who have been relegated to what we used to call non-league football and you'll see what I mean. Clifford, as far as Roughyeds are concerned, we would all like to be further up the pecking order, but we are where we are and we either give up the ghost or we strive to get better. CH and his helpers/volunteers etc, not to mention all the diehard fans like yourself who turn up to support us at matches, are working like hell for the club, first of all to keep us going (something, with all due respect, we didn't manage in 1997) and if possible to see us advance and get stronger. I don 't want to get involved with "the town is knackered" argument or whether Waterhead would beat Oldham or Oldham would beat Waterhead. We'll never know and in any event it's irrelevant. As Oldham-area rugby league fans we surely want all the amateur teams in town to be the best they can be just like we want Roughyeds to be the best we can be. The world is changing. Society is changing. Sport is changing too -- and so is the amount of disposable income individuals have in their pockets, to say nothing of how all business is feeling the pinch. It's tough for everyone, but that's all the more reason why we've to fight and scrap like hell for what we believe in. In our case that's Oldham RLFC. Let's ALL stand up for Rugby League and, more closely to home, for the Oldham club. We lost it in '97 and we've now seen Latics slip out of the Football League. Enough evidence there, surely, to show that if you don't use it you lose it. None of us wants to see that happen again.
  8. I remember walking through Tintown to the turnstiles, after catching one of the special buses from outside the Electric House, when I was a kid, and, as has already been said, it's always good to hear from Anita. But hey, let's get this thread back to back to the Vestacare Stadium tomorrow and the Oldham v Cornwall game. Come and give Roughyeds a cheer and reserve a special one for our fullback Owen Restall if he scores a try to add to the NINE he's scored in our four league games so far which make him the league's top try scorer to date. Welcome Cornwall by all means, but please don't run away with the idea they are a team full of novices. Ex-Super League man Anthony Mullally is there, plus three DR players from Bradford and two loan lads from Wigan, like us.
  9. Cornwall RLFC, latest addition to the Rugby League family, come to the Vestacare Stadium for the first time this coming Sunday, April 24. Keep an eye open every day this week for all the pre-match content on the Roughyeds' website and on the club's social media platforms. We need the two league points on offer, but we also need -- more than ever -- your support at the turnstiles and your vocal support during the game. Come and watch our talented full-back Owen Restall, whose three tries at Rochdale confirmed his position as Betfred League One's top try scorer to date. Well done Owen, keep up the good work !
  10. John Cogger -- legend, a player who always punched above his weight, fans' favourite, great club man, a fella who didn't know the meaning of 'coasting' through a game -- and truly typical of him that he still keeps in touch with Roughyeds and says he is still a supporter. Oh for more John Coggers ! The LE headline says it all: 'The Aussie who loves Oldham'. Coming with the letter from the new fan in Staffordshire who said how wonderfully well he and his step-daughter had been looked after at the West Wales game (see Roughyeds website) it perhaps indicates that our club is doing something right after all. Well done to all concerned.
  11. WE are at home again this Sunday to West Wales Raiders (3pm kick off) and if you go on the website and read the article headlined 'Three days to go to the next home game' you will see there are a whole host of initiatives, all designed to enhance the game-day experience at the Vestacare Stadium. We can, of course, climb into the play-off places if we beat West Wales and other results go our way. But please read the website to get a flavour of all that's going on behind the scenes as we till and toil, mainly as volunteers, to move the club forward in these difficult times. UTY !
  12. Andrade got married on Saturday -- pre-booked and organised before he signed for Roughyeds. The club's congrats and best wishes go with them. At 22-4 up in the second half we should certainly have won, but we suffered a lot of injuries and reorganisation, Also, we gave away SEVEN first-half penalties and defended like hell for long periods, which took its toll later on. We still earned an away point against one of the traditional heartland clubs in League One -- and that despite loads of injury and disruption. Well done, boys. Now it's back to the Vestacare this Sunday for the visit of West Wales. Bring it on !
  13. The reality, and that's what the club has to deal with, is that away league games do nothing to help with the financial situation. Inevitably, there has to be a lot more focus on getting people through the turnstiles at HOME games because that's what keeps the club alive. That's why the club has targeted a crowd of 1,000 at each home game.and why, last night, a virtual (laptop) meeting of the management committee focused most of its deliberations on the next home game, which is against West Wales on Sunday week, April 10. Don't get me wrong. It will be great to see lots of fans at Hunslet on Sunday and I'm sure the players would appreciate it. BUT, please remember, the club really NEEDS you at the Vestacare when we play West Wales because it's your entrance money, allied to that from sponsorship, merchandise sales, season-ticket sales, Club Cash lottery etc, that keeps the wolf from the door. In terms of consolidation and then making progress and taking the club forward it all depends on financial stability and that comes down, in the main, to HOME attendances. I know that sounds obvious, but a reminder won't do any harm. The crowd of 815 against Keighley last week was hugely encouraging -- especially as it was Mothers Day and the game was on Our League -- and the club has since thanked publicly all who attended and supported the club in a way the benefits are most directly felt. Again, thanks to everyone who came. And PLEASE put the West Wales game in your diary. It's on Sunday week, April 10. With a bit of luck, and a fair wind, there will be some very interesting announcements to make in the next few weeks. A lot is going on behind the scenes and, believe me, a lot of hard work is going into driving the club forward. Up the Roughyeds !
  14. LR: your question concerning Sunday's attendance added further to my suspicions that quite a few fans on here don't regularly check the website for club info etc. Questions are often asked when the answers are already given on the web and that was the case here. LR posted at 17.37 and asked if the club had given out an attendance. A relevant story, with the figure LR was after, appeared on the website in mid-morning. It is headed 'Chris lauds fans . . . etc' and it goes on to say that the attendance was very encouraging and indeed bigger than several Championship games at Bower Fold last year. The club thanked all concerned. From one LR to another, I can recommend the web. There's loads of info on it and its well worth a regular check, la
  15. Well said 'Fluffy'. I couldn't have put it more graphic myself. We never again want to lose that, do we ? No, we don 't. We've had enough of seeing a beloved club slip away from us. It musn't happen again; it won't happen again. But let's learn the lessons, eh and support what we've got NOW so it's still there for future generations. See you at the game fellas, LOUD and PROUD !
  16. It's all about supporting the lads and supporting the club. We don't only want a decent crowd, we NEED one like we've never needed one before. Much has been written about the current financial strife hitting League One clubs, but we are battling and working hard to stay in business and to provide our town with a professional Rugby League club. It's a true saying, 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going." You can rely on one thing. We will roll up our sleeves, dig in, and graft like we've never grafted before. Stick with us . . . with hope in your heart and trust in the club.
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