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  1. I see that Andy Lea from Thatto has signed at Rochdale and Dwyer to Widnes. Rowse to Hunslet Dixon to Whitehaven And Rochdale have signed a few lads from Mayfield. Anyone else know of anyone who’s signed pro for this season from the NCL?
  2. Speaking to one of the junior coaches and he said 8 teams applied ( not sure how accurate this info is) Gloucester Nottingham Batley Boys East Hull Heworth Queensbury Walney Hensingham Although with them setting up a Southern League I’d expect Gloucester and Nottingham to apply there now instead.
  3. Hunslet might have a massive pack but for me the best forward on the pitch will be Gleeson from Mayfield!
  4. Didn't Steve Scott (Psycho) also used to play for them for a season or 2? That must have been some big pack!
  5. Does anyone know of any supporters coach's from the Northwest Area for the Test match in London (preferably in Manchester but anywhere in the northwest is fine). If so please could you advise me of a website / contact detail. Many Thanks
  6. Just out of curiosity if Kells do get promoted, out of the 3 teams is there one derby that is bigger than the other? Who are the biggest rivals in Cumbria?
  7. Celtic Rooster will be your best bet. Think his team, merged with Irlam Hornets this season
  8. Did any of the players go to Dockers?
  9. 4 teams from Lancashire 2 from Cumbria 2 from Yorkshire What happend to the Hull lot?
  10. With the season for the majority of clubs starting this weekend how are everyones squads looking? What new players have you added? (and from where?) Will you be gaining any players once the Peninne League / Rugby Union season finishes?
  11. I see Fryston and Methley are both in the Premier. Did alot of Fryston players not move to Methley over the last couple of years? Also kind of on that subject I see that Steve Scott is now playing for Heworth. He's had some clubs he has!
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