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  1. I see that Andy Lea from Thatto has signed at Rochdale and Dwyer to Widnes. Rowse to Hunslet Dixon to Whitehaven And Rochdale have signed a few lads from Mayfield. Anyone else know of anyone who’s signed pro for this season from the NCL?
  2. Speaking to one of the junior coaches and he said 8 teams applied ( not sure how accurate this info is) Gloucester Nottingham Batley Boys East Hull Heworth Queensbury Walney Hensingham Although with them setting up a Southern League I’d expect Gloucester and Nottingham to apply there now instead.
  3. Hunslet might have a massive pack but for me the best forward on the pitch will be Gleeson from Mayfield!
  4. Didn't Steve Scott (Psycho) also used to play for them for a season or 2? That must have been some big pack!
  5. Celtic Rooster will be your best bet. Think his team, merged with Irlam Hornets this season
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