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  1. I thought the coverage was great
  2. The turnaround from SF1 to SF2 makes it a bit harder as I would have liked to have gone down to London earlier and stayed a few nights before, but I've still decided to get tickets for the Semi Finals and Final. I would have rather been able to choose the seats but at least this way saves me spending ages trying to find seat views on google whilst deciding. Hopefully early purchases will get the better seats from that category. I'm expecting to be able to buy tickets to the group games closer to the tournament, but if I miss out, at least I have tickets for the main ones I want to
  3. I’ve been playing a version of Mahjong on WeChat against my Chinese relatives. They would happily play all day but I get restless after round or two of 8 games. I’ve also been replaying A link to the Past on my SNES mini and it’s as good as I remember it being and still looks great. Next on my list is to boot up Jagged Alliance 2 on my PC. One of the best turn based games ever made.
  4. I’m sure I was told once that the first kit The Dons ever had was a hand me down kit from Leeds. When they did eventually have their own kit made they stuck with the same colours. No idea if that’s true but it makes sense.
  5. One thing that doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the media here, but has been reported on quite a bit in China, is that some of the people who catch and survive this virus have been left with long lasting lung damage. That seems to be ignored when just talking about death rates.
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