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  1. On 30/01/2022 at 20:24, Big Doug said:

    Well done lock Lane. A great result against a very poor Oldham team.

    Doesn't do lock lane justice calling Oldham very poor, I think lock lane caused Oldham many problems, and made Oldham look poor. Well done lock lane on beating a team a league above and good luck in the next round 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Jughead said:

    Two weeks out from the season and still “back soon for 2022”. No player price releases, no date of when people can actually put together a team, no hints about best performers in 2021. 

    Is it any surprise though, very frustrating for those that want to get stuck into it, rather than throw a team together a day or 2 before. 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    I know they’re a bigger competition and have more participation than we do but it’s night and day, the comparison between the two. 


    Yep agree, different types of fantasy game, different format, different rules. But still an option for those interested. Pity the super league one isn't as big, and probably never will be if not advertised properly 

  4. 19 hours ago, del capo said:

    BBC to cover  Orrell St James v Army on saturday  ( nb k.o. time of 12,30 ) 

    Our League to show  Bentley v Stanningley on sunday.

    Wigan St Pats on their facebook page are saying that their 2.15 pm match on saturday at Rochdale Mayfield is being streamed . Not yet sure which platform.

    Tasty coverage all round guaranteed.

    But you can't beat watching any of them live if weather and your covid status allows - remember  ' Your Game needs You '

    I'll be watching a live game, but being able to watch another or others on tv, probably on catch up is an added bonus. 

  5. 20 minutes ago, theswanmcr said:

    West Wales was the first round - but thinking back it was last year when no amateur clubs took part. You’re right the first round is normally the ‘smaller’ sides and don’t think they’ve ever shown one from outside the heartlands.

    Yeah no 'community' sides last time out !!

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  6. 9 minutes ago, theswanmcr said:

    Yeah they showed West Wales at home last year vs Widnes. Think they may have shown RAF live at home too a few years back?

    Well remembered regarding the west Wales, didn't think that was the first couple of rounds though, the ones I remembered were the Wigan st pats v Leigh miners, and Rochdale Mayfield v North Wales games. Thatto heath v Dewsbury and Siddal v Toronto too. 

  7. 4 hours ago, theswanmcr said:

    Looks like they’ve decided to ‘keep it local’ with both games close to BBC Sport HQ. Makes sense with Covid etc I guess. Be good to see the new Hurricanes in action and how they go.

    Have they ever not been local, don't think they've ever ventured too far even before the covid excuse 

  8. 12 hours ago, Marauder said:

    You need to ask them why they signed to play at that level for a one off game  and If I'm honest, they are a cracking side without the players they signed and wouldn't be out of place in the YML Premier or 1st division.

    Like I said, the rules to allow them to sign on for a very last game rather than having a deadline to sign on for would stop this and is a problem, not the fact they're ex pro. This way they'd have probably played maybe a minimum more games. 

    The fact they're dropping down to lower levels, probably a level easier for them is beneficial for the team they're with, helping out, improving the players around them etc etc, but is also a detriment to the opposition and game itself if it becomes a lopsided game or damages the players they're up against. It is a problem but the individuals themselves probably need to look at the overall situation and think is this really a good thing, The league does too, but stopping players playing because they are ex pro, isnt the answer for me, but some rules do need sorting out to prevent whats going on.

  9. 5 hours ago, Marauder said:

    No need to penalise anyone, but you have to also protect, if you get 4 players who have just been released by a pro club and they all trundle down to a division 5 YML team to play, you then get a high chance of someone getting hurt, it's like putting 12 year-olds in to play against 9 year olds in some cases, I do understand if the same 4 players went to a NCL club their impact would probably not be noticed, so which would be the most negative, a demoralised & disheartened team or a number of players capable of playing at a far higher level. 

    Agree again, but why would an ex pro level player want to be playing at such a low level of rugby, especially so many at once. It would show what sort of personality they really are. If that's the level they see themselves at, basically a walk in the park, then that's a problem in itself. Can't be stopped as players can choose to play for anyone, anywhere, but surely if the ex pro is still up to a decent level of standard then he want to carry on playing at a standard appropriate.

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