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  1. 3 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

    This is not for those who believe that the evolution of RL has resulted in it being a better product to watch, quite an open and frank discussion from two high profile individuals one Mr Paul Sculthorpe currently employed as an assistant to Shaun Wane in the England set up and the other Mr Lee Briers the offensive coach at one of our premier clubs who readily admits even though he is part of the coaching set up that "the game is to structured today".

    Also interestingly it was said to expect the International team to perform in a much more expansive way and see new faces than was the case with the last coaching set up, to much emphasis was put on the Australian style of play it was said, all I can say is thank god that those in charge and who have the influence now don't see the style of possession football that Mr Bennett played as the main criteria.

    My opinion but I would say this has been the best of the Backchat programmes ever broadcast.


    Couldn't agree more Harry. Really good discussion from intelligent, articulate people.

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