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  1. I am really impressed with the eyesight of people in the north, as I presume most copies are sold in the north. I was impressed with the cover, and also looked forward to reading a number of articles. Unfortunately, when I started to read I found it impossible to read the print after the opening lines, and as approximately 60% has the same light coloured print, and there is no way I can read it.

    I presume the only way I will be able to read it is by computer, but as the majority of my work is sent in this manner, I have no wish for it.



    In total agreement. Bloody design gurus.

  2. You can get their list of grants from their most recent Annual Report, usually right at the back of the financial statements   http://www.rlif.com/about-rlif/annual_report


    Tests in Pacific countries have several main drawbacks:


    - I think Fiji has a 30K capacity stadium but Samoa and Tonga sure don't. The Port Moresby stadium is being rebuilt and should hold 25K  http://www.etsdesign.com.au/#!the-national-stadium/cxdc


    - Entry couldn't be any more than $5, probably less. The entire gate in Tonga might only be $25,000


    - TV rights would be minimal. It would cost a shipload for OZ or NZ TV networks to take their whole setups there. They certainly wouldn't risk it in PNG and the ratings would never justify that sort of outlay for 2 hours of TV product. Local TV stations might cover it but, again, they wouldn't pay much, if anything, for it.


    For better or worse, these Tests are probably more profitable for the nations involved if they are held in Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland.



    Spot on.

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