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  1. Oh he did a lot of stuff well its not just one guy Ive lost count on how many have let me down although Im seeing someone now and hes lovely and according to him I mean the world to him but yet I can only talk to him when it suits him and if it doesn't suit him he goes off on one. I can honestly say I love him but they always say the one you love you can never have.

    and you put up with this....? god give me strength...

  2. I have just read your's and Sam's conversation on this thread rather funny it was. To be fair this lad first met me at the Warrington game apparently he was on the same train as me as well something I don't remember at all. He added me on facebook the day after and started going on about how pretty I was which I kind funny as like any other teenager I don't think im pretty. I then got the whole why dont you have a boyfriend sort of thing. He then asked me for my number which he now has and he has spent most of today texting me. The reason why I have quoted the top part is because for once in a while I have to agree with what you have said M_M it does get me nowhere and I do need to tell him so sometime soon when he does text or make a nice comment i will just say to him that I like him as a friend but nothing more.

    sounds like you've got your very own stalker...well done you!!!

  3. I'd say your mate didn't listen to the words spoken instead prefering the words he wanted to hear. Amy should just be straight with him and not play games. Game-playing gets you nowhere, as I'm sure Amy knows already.

    my mate was the one speaking them...! its not playing games, stringing him along is playing games...sure, its a bit brutal, but it'll get the message across... its almost hard to believe i'm still single isn't it..!!!!

    I'm not convinced it stops at 20. Love isn't just the preserve of the young y'know. Even old duffers like us can have music and moonlight and love and romance once in a while.

    who wants all that gubbins....a kebab and a knee trembler round the back of morrisons will do fine.... ;)

  4. Being told 'I like you as a friend is the pain equivalent of an injection. It is a bit sore for a while but is soon forgotten and ultimately does you good.

    Turning a corner and seeing the girl/boy you really fancy snogging someone else when you were convinced they like you is the pain equivalent of a kick in the ######. It hurts like hell, disables you for a while and can leave lasting damage.

    an old school friend of mine went out for a few dates with a bloke a few months ago, he was mad keen, she wasn't, so she said those immortal words, 'i like you as a friend'...unfortunately, he took this as, 'i don't fancy you massively, but i may in time'....and she got her very own stalker for a while, until she lied about seeing someone new...to which he said he'd been seeing 2 other women at the time anyway and wasn't that bothered!!!

    it may be my advanced years, but from experience boys/girls 'fall in love' loads before they hit 20ish, so yeah, he'll be p!ssed off for a bit, but it'll soon pass...

    In that case you are one of the best possible Catholics! :lol:

    i probably am, yes!!! ;)

  5. Seeing a girl or boy snogging someone else when you think they like you hurts, even if only for a little while. The most human thing to do is to tell him straight and save him some heartache.

    ooh, you said 'snogging'..... ;)

    being told, 'i like you as a friend' isn't exactly a painless way of doing it either...

    If you're a good Catholic you'll know exactly what I mean! ;)

    maybe i do, but i'll never admit it....

  6. But being an adult just unlocks whole new worlds of naughtiness!

    i'm a good catholic boy, i've no idea what you mean!!

    However hurting people for the sake of it is not nice, unless of course they've uttered the immortal words "treat me like the ##### I am"... :lol:

    she won't be hurting anyone, merely clearing up any ambiguity... and as for the last bit, see above and the whole catholic thing!!!


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