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  1. it's the national food, along with frozen pizzas. the local handball team where i lived got more than the football team who were in the top division at the time. around 4-5k.
  2. i have lots of reading to do. this uni lark isn't all beer and skittles.
  3. it is indeed 'fab sounding', it's just a pain in the ###### when you have it.
  4. due to a frozen pipe, my bathroom is slightly damp. luckily it's a wet room.
  5. it's still snowing. hard. driving could be amusing tomorrow.
  6. stick some stuff that floats in the birdbath, ping pong balls etc...
  7. it's snowing even harder now. luckily they know how to clear roads effectively. ploughs work in tandem.
  8. it's a positively balmy -10 this morning. it's also snowing....hard.
  9. well, it snowed for 24 hours the other day. it's not got above freezing, currently -5, so it's just sat there waiting to be snowed on again.
  10. there was a major new motorway extension taking place near our offices. part way through someone discovered a rare species of newt. chaos ensued.
  11. citizens of the old west germany still make a 'solidarity payment' to citizens of the old east germany. it's on their payslip. they don't like doing it.
  12. first snow tonight. a mere dusting so far. the real stuff isn't far away.
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