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  1. aahh, the old he's an 80 minute prop line...well yes, i suppose he is, but how effective is he over the 80mins these days...bradford obviously knew something...what i'd like to know is what made him join a team in a relegation fight rather than go and test himself in oz as he previously said he'd like to? the challenge?

  2. Yes, I agree, the level of Warrington's recent success had been staggering.


    Wire are rubbish, and Wigan being also ###### doesn't make Wire any better.

    But don't worry, spending one third of your available money next year on a washed up prop, and a winger, will make all the difference.


  3. The really sad thing is that you are probably going to be forced to offload 4 or 5 good young British players in order to accommodate King under the cap. Assuming of course that Warrington will always try to stay under the cap.


    who are these 4 or 5 we'll have to release? ...we always do stay under the cap unlike some teams...

  4. We all are aware of the Rumours Arch. Cullen has not acted to sort this Cancer within Warrington. Right at the top of the Chopping block should be Eddie's hero Lee Briers. Eddie should perhaps check a few things out. GFor me however, I'm more interested in the performance on the pitch and Briers and Gleeson consistently fail to hit the mark.

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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