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  1. In the 1980s the RFL had a spell of handing out 10 and 12 match bans, it made not one jot of difference, players were still being hauled up on a regular basis.

    then increase it to a full season then. the game is already violent enough without f*ckwits like ablett trying to take other players heads off. we can also increase the fines too. fine the bloody coaches as well.

  2. The problem lies with the referee and the influence that the Rhinos carry at headquarters.

    If Ganson had done his job and sent Ablett off then this discussion would not even be taking place.

    Ganson is notoriously strict on serious foul play except when it involves serious foul play against Wigan players committed by Leeds players, when he is notoriously lenient, a serial offender in fact.

    Salford had Boyle sent off the other week for much less than Ablett's challenge on Tomkins - when this got to the disciplinary Boyle got 1 match. Ablett's offence has warranted a 3 match ban yet he stayed on the field.

    The problem lies with the referees, the man that controls them and in this case specifically with Ganson.

    is this like when you just made up stuff about a certain ref a few months ago...?

  3. Another match would have ruled him out of the Challenge Cup Final should Leeds get there.

    Perhaps that was taken into account. It would have made it a very harsh punishment. I'm sure plenty of people will say that would have been tough luck, but I think the disciplinary got this about right.

    when gareth hock got 5 matches for man-handling the ref the ban finished just before the play-offs. the sooner we start giving totally disproportionate bans for stuff like the ablett 'tackle' the better. a couple of 15-20 match bans will sort this sort of thing out. 3 matches is nothing short of a disgrace.

  4. One other thing worthy of a mention. I asked on here earlier this week about what Tomkins defence and ability under a high ball was like, well he answered that in style tonight. Considering the treatment he was getting, he took everything that was thrown at him brilliantly.

    apart from when he did his mathers impression to gift leeds a try!

  5. I must have good eyes then, because I saw how bad it was first time at full speed from the tv view.

    which is the critical point, i had exactly the same view as you and saw pretty much exactly the same thing, the ref was 30 feet(?) lower down with several rather large obstacles potentially blocking his view.

  6. Not an unfair point you make in terms of Ganson - but in the end the outcome was still the wrong one. As I said earlier in the thread - the referee and touch judges bottled it. I can't believe 3 separate pairs of eyes failed to see the illegal challenge / point of contact, whereas the video referee (Bentham) has not been adverse in advising the referee of serious foul play in the past (see advice to Child through the earpiece when Coley was sent off in France - correctly I might add).

    in a perfect world it was the wrong outcome, but the world ain't perfect! the ref only bottled it if he saw the hit perfectly or his tj's said the hit was a shocker.

    should the vr offer an opinion..? who knows, in this instance the right decision would have occured, however, it opens up almost every tackle to scrutiny.

  7. But why though? The incident was clear and in my view worse than two recent sendings off I've witnessed that were more poor technique than malicious (Coley v Catalans, Boyle v Wigan). Ganson generally is not adverse to getting out the red card.

    first, the position of the players, the 'hit' will have been shielded from ganson by them. second, he only blew the whistle in the first place for ablett being offside. third, ignore the wigan players reaction, they were 'protecting a team mate who'd just got clobbered. the wigan fans will have had the best view of the challenge as they will have seen just how high ablett's arms were, tv viewers will have seen it as a shocker because of their viewing angle too. to the leeds fans in the east stand it will have looked ok.

    he's not averse to giving out red cards which makes me think if he'd have had a clear view on it he would have. you can't dole out cards based on how loud players and fans shout!

  8. I think that is an unfair criticism which is often thrown at Myler, and tbh he has impressed me in that area as I believed the same before I watched him regularly. I was worried when Briers was injured for this reason, yet we continued to play well, and he has 10 assists to his name.

    Secondly, whilst he may not be the most creative, if he is in a team with Tomkins at 1, Eastmond and 6 and O'Loughlin at 13, with Sinfield at 9, then I would have him in simply for his finishing ability and his pace around the middle of the park. We would have real pace in the key attacking positions, and that would make a nice change.

    as a finisher he's brilliant, excellent pace and just has that knack of being in the right place at the right time. if you want someone to be able to open the aussies up with something a little bit different, tomkins is the bloke.

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