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  1. Erm - is second in the league (possibly top by season's end) and a likely cup final appearance not enough? Some people obviously can't be satisfied, considering where you were five years ago and before.

    of course it's enough.

    How do you know you won't win anything? Can I have your crystal ball so I can make a few quid?

    Leeds have the track record, but they haven't looked unbeatable either and they are not the only team that has suffered with injuries nor is it an excuse for all of their poor performances.

    because we won the cup last season, plus, i'm, the eternal pessimist.

    Wire fans took it to the extreme in fairness, which was not completely unreasonable given the sparcity of previous success over the long term. But became tedious by the start of 2010 - especially one poster, shall we call him 'Kendle' to preserve anonymity ;)

    and? at some point we won't be winning anything, then you can return the gloating in spades!

  2. Everyones entitled to their opinion of course, but you are living in a different era. In a roaming role in the modern game, the FB can still retain a playmaking role and have as great an impact / if not greater as SO due to an ability to take a free role in the attacking line, intervene from deep and be elusive on the kick return, whilst also not being as physically exposed in defence.

    i totally agree. i've been saying for years that mcguire at leeds could be be a world class full back. i'm all for players learning new skills/positions, chris bridge at our place has played almost every position apart from prop.

    with tomkins the potential is there, greater than myler/eastmond to become a genuine world class half back. it's wigan's choice to try and turn him into billy slater mk2, in sl that will probably work, especially in a team that bosses most of it's games. in the international arena, i'm not so sure, plus who replaces him at so..? don't say pryce!

  3. As a Warrington fan, you should understand that your club have approached the rebuilding job in a similar way to Wigan, but are probably two years further along in the process and have reaped the rewards so far. Notwithstanding the banter I have with Warrington fans on here, I certainly wouldn't begrudge your club lifting one or both trophies this year as both would be hard earned and deserved. The only concern I would have, would be that some of your fans would be insufferable - as some find it difficult to stay grounded after a little success.

    i'll get back to the first part later. in a bit of a rush. how are we 2 years further along? we were ###### last year, the cup win masked some glaring deficiencies.

    we won't win anything this year. leeds will sweep the cup/gf. fans are fans, i'm yet to know fans of any club in any sport who don't have an element of 'we're the best ever' when they win something.

  4. Probably right, and whilst trying to keep this away from a Briers v Tomkins debate, there are clear similarities between them.

    there is no briers v tomkins debate. they're both at opposite ends of their respective careers, i just like the fact that everytime they're on the same pitch together one of them seems to pull out his autograph book and gaze on in total awe at the other! ;)

    Certain players are so skilfull that they have the transferable skills for most positions, and Tomkins is definitely in this class.

    then he's got a decision to make, does he see himself as a full back or half back. personally, shifting england's best half back to full back is madness and if wigan/mcguire is doing it to accomodate his mate from melbourne then i'd be ###### off if i was a wigan fan.

  5. In the 2007 quote, he was pretty right though, it has started to come together, the academy players have stepped up and made an impression in the first team, the club is topping the table and the imports are both reducing and improving on their leaving counterparts (Feka, Riddell, Phelps, Bailey out - Hoffman (short term), Lima and Finch in). We've got the strike centres (considering the tries on both wings), now we have got the grafter in the front row that was missing and we have depth in all positions (assuming Mellor recovers for next season). Looks all positive to me for 2012.

    you sound like a wire fan. next year, next year, next year...!!

  6. I think PS is making a reasonable point insofar as these are proven performers, and winners, in positions where Wigan are weak, replacing worse players and thus improving the top team in the league. Equally, any predictions at this stage as to others strengths are hostages to fortune. At this point, they look like excellent no risk signings. 2012 was always going to be a big year for us with Fielden and Feca's money largely off the wage bill.

    absolutely, i seem to have heard it all before though...oh, wait, i know where...

    Maybe so, but Coley for Hill makes us stronger, so he's not a bonkers signing. Next year, O'Carroll will be a year older and we have plenty money freed up with DV and Fletcher off the pay roll, so it will be a chance for us to get a grafter plus a strike centre. Plus, we have talent in our table topping academy teams to bring through... all in all, things could come together pretty well.
  7. I'm not disputing that clubs are in trouble, but then again, there always has been. Always. At least there are rules in place now to try and help protect clubs from themselves, but then there are other factors like the worst recession in living memory.

    I remember reading something in RLW from a prominent person at a struggling club (maybe Rochdale or Doncaster or Keighley) where they said that despite what many think, the RFL really helped the clubs out and do what they can to support them.

    Surely the way an organisation responds to difficult times is a measure of their success.

    there was a guy from rochdale on radio manchester praising the rfl for all the help they gave them. it was a while back.

  8. As long as the large pay cheque drops on the mat every month I'll bet he doesn't give a sh!t. He's only sorting out his pension.

    One bad signing in my opinion.

    He certainly needs to get some decent games in to prove his worth as his better days have gone.

    Dont worry he's got 3 years to get it right :rolleyes:

    He has other uses - He's already told Monaghan were all the boozers are in Warrington, so he'll fit in when he arrives!

    can't beat a bit of expert analysis. :D;)

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