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  1. i think i should say that i had a splendid time on friday. free tickets for the west stand which more than made up for being designated driver and having to look after a rather p!ssed up relative, though to be fair he rarely gets a pass! cool wigan fans sat behind us who seemed to take my celebrating with good grace even though one or more had travelled a considerable distance to be there.

    lots of chanting between opposing fans after the game, some amusing some not, but not once did it threaten to overspill into anything more. wendall would have been disappointed.

  2. That is some challenge, especially for a team that looks to players far closer the end than the beginning of their careers for inspiration.

    indeed. makes you wonder why mcguire shifted tomkins to full back, he'd have learnt a lot from an old ###### like briers. again.

    it seems the old 'we've never trained as hard' gubbins when a new coach comes in may not be as true as first thought. wire were fitter and had enough class to get home.

  3. The amount of possession, and field position Wigan had in the first 20/25 minutes should have yielded more than eight points. Whilst I agree Wigan's attack wasn't the most fluid, weight of possession alone should have made up for that.

    it should have done, but it didn't. i don't think they forced one goal line drop out in that period. yes, we tackled, but they weren't tackles that left our line exposed.

    I think you are being quite unfair to Solomona, he was brought on to effect some size from the bench, in those conditions, offloads were not really an option.

    i didn't mean he was poor, but it wasn't the kind of game he thrives in, he's 'made' for a more open/broken game where he can be devastating, tackling and getting back the 10 isn't his game.

    still, who cares!

  4. That's the point isn't it, Wigan couldn't have scored more tries as the defence was outstanding (best I have seen this year from us).

    you think? i thought they were poor in attack in that opening 20. it's ok using richards' height to launch the ball to, however, he was up against king who can also leap a bit which meant richards never got a clear chance, whereas if they'd have gone to the opposite wing they'd have discovered a munchkin over there!

    our defence really stepped up after that, only dropping off when tomkins launched his 'pass of the century' to set up their 2nd try.

    solomona was a waste of a bench spot, it wasn't a game for him, i think there was only 2 offloads made all game.

  5. that wasn't unpleasant.

    when we decided to actually play the game rather than try and knock wigan off the park we were good value for the win.

    carvell is a liability at times.

    westwood would be coveted by everyone if he didn't look like the world's most knackered axe murderer.

    harrison's hit would have been infinitely more impressive if it had been on a particularly small ballboy rather than fielden.

    wigan are still in transition, but will be almost unbeatable when a few antipodeans join the club.

  6. I do still think you are under-selling the quality of the tackle somewhat though. It wasn't just a standard tackle, the way he controlled Fox at pace was very good, and he had good upper body strength and awareness.

    plus, it's not like fox was tight on the touchline, he a a fair way to actually move him.

  7. Yep.

    He has weaknesses, but I'd have been happy to see him stay at Warrington, and he will certainly improve the Cas team.

    As GDMM says, he isn't brilliant when he has pace running straight at him from distance, and he makes the odd mistake under the high ball (but then so do most fb's).

    On the positives - his kick return is very good in that he positions himself well and actually runs back fast and strong rather than jogging as many do nowadays. He is excellent close to his own line and his upper body strength is very impressive, he is brilliant at wrapping the attacker up so they can't get the ball down. He is also a very good link player, and has set up a fair few tries this year for our wingers. His enthusiasm and communication should also not be underestimated.

    Ignore all the negatives, if you listened to most people on here, all players are ###### unless they have an Aussie accent. I hope he does well, and if he continues his Wire form then you will have made a good signing.

    what he said.

    he pulled off at least one try scoring tackle at the weekend, well, either that or the cas player ran at him and manoevered(sp?) mather's limbs around him deliberately to give the impression that he pulled off a great tackle!

    hogson had better be bloody good. 2 years!

  8. i'm not sure we'll have the same numbers that we took to sts. i also don't think we'll win, which is unusual for me! i just don't think we can stop them scoring less than 18 points which is what we'll need to do to get anything out of the game.

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