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  1. i'm at bang on 1000m here in the Eastern Pyrenees and the snow line is about 50m above us. Normal to be honest. Bloody cold though! Last week it was cracking the flags and new buds of tulips and other flowers were appearing. This week it has been wet and the first real crop of mushrooms has appeared.

    it's been trying to snow the past week or so here, a few flurries but nothing significant apart from up in the hills...apparently january is when it gets really cold -15/20 degrees... :O

  2. management speak for, "most of you are going to lose your jobs at the end of the month"

    hope you get through it ok and the back stabbers and number 1ers don't get you

    to be honest that's not the case, 2 senior managers look like going straight away... the compensation deal is pretty good and if i'm one of the chosen few, i've worked out i'll be ok for at least 12 months, i luckily took out mortgage payment protection 5/6 months ago....

  3. ...then quadruple the number of students you teach in each class, add to that the design and setting of the assessments, the research into each topic, the production of lecture materials, writing unit leader's reports and supervising final year and PhD students. In between which we have to fit in outreach programmes and then your research, which doesn't give you much time to write grant applications which means you get less funding, which means less time to do research so you get more teaching to do, ad infinitum. All for less pay than your peers who left uni after their degree.

    don't forget the phenomenal whinging about it too.... ;)

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