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  1. Or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBMaSIHUatA...feature=related
  2. Aye but this is still my fave Zep toon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJIdrmG9TDU
  3. The BBC can't even be bothered to cover traffic problems in East London so what hope has Yorkshire got
  4. It didn't snow in BBC land. Roads were covered in ice yesterday near me - the car was all over the place so we didn't get to the school bus stop in time so had to take my daughter to school then took an hour and a half to get into work. Plenty more snow yesterday too.
  5. Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins I always come back to the cocteaus
  6. Wall of Voodoo - The Passenger I saw them in Camden in the mid 80s when Stan had left and they were more Fields of the Nephilim than Suicide as they are here, this is just superb.
  7. Rush 2112 - suffers from all the standard Rush faults but is still great
  8. I was there, bloody superb Might be live at the counter eurovision, one of the best live albums ever
  9. This is getting silly, my daughter's school is closed again - 5 school days on the trot now.
  10. Another 3" or so last night - managed to get into work this morning although the roads out of Queensbury were a bit hairy.
  11. You can get porn on the internet now so no need for all that equipment
  12. Our 2 Airedales are loving it - went for a walk through the fields up by the aptly named Mountain this afternoon - there are massive drifts up there which the dogs enjoyed swimming through - they got so covered in snow baubles on their legs they could hardly walk. I got then home, dried and debaubled then took them out again
  13. The prediction is that the south will be shut tomorrow - some of the severest weather warnings I have ever seen are being announced
  14. Got into work ok this morning - stayed for 10 minutes, shut up the office and came home
  15. Echo and the Bunnymen stuff from live gigs in the 80s. Very good band
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